FAQ For Saskatoon Home Sellers

Aspiring home owners in Saskatoon will have a million questions when considering the largest purchase of their lifetime. Here are a few frequently asked questions that may help in making your decision an easier and clearer one.
Am I Ready to Sell my Home?

There are a number of considerations that will go into such a decision.  Preparation is easily the most important and overlooked factors in the process to getting your home sold for the most money. Read the Sellers Guide for the most valuable ways to spend your time and efforts in preparation for the Saskatoon real estate market.

How Much Does a Realtor cost?

Realtor fees will vary from brokerage to brokerage, and from agent to agent.  There is no standard for fees, and every agent and brokerage offer different services for their fees. Don't choose the brokerage with the lowest fees to ty and cut costs.  Do your research, ask questions, interview agents and find someone who you truly feel will do the best job and be the most invested in helping you reach your goals. Find someone you feel is honest and transparent. 

How Much Money do I need Upfront?

There can be many costs associated with selling your home. If your home needs some repairs, you'll want to budget for that and complete any repairs prior to listing your home. Need to get rid of those bright paint colours or freshen up? Budgeting for paint is common, and detrimental in how your home appears in the photos online. A few staging items might cost  you a little extra but your investment can go a long way (read about staging tips HERE). Budget for both GST and PST on real estate fees, and capital gains taxation if the property is not your primary residence. You'll need to ensure your taxes and utilities are paid up to the date that the new owner takes possession and that there are no liens on the title to your property.

Do I need to disclose the defects?

Most homebuyers today will include a condition on their offers which allows them to have a professional home inspection completed.  Home inspectors will usually find any defects of the home so it's best to be honest and transparent about everything you are aware of. 

Should I Sell my current home before Buying my next one?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question; it will depend, as each situation is unique. Are you financially capable of carrying two properties? What is the current market like? Buying first means spending as much time as you like shopping for your next home, but it also means carrying both homes.  Ask your mortgage or financial specialist if there is an option that might suit you in this situation. Selling first means not having to give a discount on your house in hopes of a quick sale. It also means you may not find what you're looking for when you do sell, and have to move out by a certain date.  Some home-owners consider a rental in between, but as mentioned above - each situation is unique, and will be affected by different factors.