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Home Staging in Saskatoon – What Stagers want you to Know

Home staging is an effective marketing tool.  Because home buying is often an emotional decision, how a home looks plays a key role in a potential buyer’s interest in the property.  In general, the better a home looks, the higher the likelihood of a quick and profitable sale.

Home stagers are equipped to assist real estate professionals and home sellers in preparing properties for the market.  Here are a few things stagers would like you to know:

Staging an occupied home is work; work that requires time and effort. This investment in preparing your home, however, is what creates an appealing product that will be easier to market, captures the attention of buyers and will send the message that you are ready to sell.

Staging a portion of your home isn’t enough. If some areas of your home look neat and inviting and other areas are messy and cluttered, buyers will not be convinced that you are attentive to your home. Everyone wants to purchase a home from an owner who takes great care of all areas of the property.

How you live in your home is not always the best way to sell your home. We all set up our homes so that they are comfortable and convenient for us. Staging involves removing your personal stamp on the home and creating a home that could belong to anyone. Staging is about turning your property into a great looking product to market.

Home staging is intended to enhance your home’s best features (e.g. a great fireplace) and downplay less desirable features (an awkward nook with no clear purpose). It is not intended to hide or cover problems.  Needed home repairs should be complete prior to staging a home.

Staging is not decorating.Decorating involves displaying furniture, artwork and accessories that appeal to you.  Staging is intended to create rooms that will appeal to as many other people as possible.  People who are strangers.  A staged space may not be to your particular taste, yet be appropriate for selling the home

To capitalize on the advantages of staging (either a vacant or occupied home), your home should be spotlessly clean.The powerful effects of decluttering, re-organizing and styling your home will be minimized if it is not clean.

Poor quality listing photos will also minimize the effects of your staging work. Quality photos are pleasing to look at and give potential buyers a lot of information about your property prior to a viewing. They also demonstrate that work was put into listing the home, suggesting it is well worth the effort.

The fee for staging services is a small fraction of the selling price. Paying for staging services improves the likelihood that you will get the most for your home (which, for many, is the largest investment they have ever made).

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