Tips for Buying a Home in Saskatoon

Aside from working with a knowledgable Realtor®, you want to feel fully informed, prepared and confident. Reviewing these tips for buying a home in Saskatoon before going into the process of home-buying will set you up in the best position possible for a successful and stress-free purchase. These tips, along with the other tools for buyers should aid in arming you properly for smooth sailing.

1)  BUDGET: Once you're in a good financial position and have received a pre-approval from your mortgage broker or bank, discussed down payment options, mortgage rates and terms; you should have played around on a mortgage calculator and have a budget set for your purchase.  Make sure your family or co-purchaser(s) are on the same page with the budget and do not waver from it.

2)  MUST HAVES: Discuss and set your must-have's. Consider things like neighbourhoods, size, style of home, number of bedrooms/bathrooms, garage and other things that are important to you.  Consider your lifestyle; you may like spending time outside or entertaining, travelling or need space for growing/future children. Consider what kind of renovations you may be open to doing (especially over time), and how long you plan to spend in this home.

3)  COMMUNICATE: Make sure you communicate everything with your Realtor®. The better you communicate, the better job they'll be able to do helping you find the right home. If your plans change, if you absolutely hate a home they show you, tell your agent how you feel and what you like/dislike. They won't be offended! If you find a home on your own time scrolling through in bed last night and you want to see it? Tell your Realtor®. Loved a home you've seen already and want to go back again? Tell your Realtor®

4)  BE OPEN MINDED & PATIENT: Lets get real: the perfect house doesn't exist. The goal is find the home that checks all the boxes and that you get "that" feeling in when you're inside of it.  Sometimes the process can take longer than you anticipated. There could be lots of listings but none of them are a fit, and everyone is different.  Some people like to view every house on the market, and others want to view three and they know they will choose one out of those three. You will know when you are in your home.

5)  LOOK FOR POTENTIAL ISSUES: Every home has defects. The goal is to find one with the least amount possible, or ones that are fixable. Other than than relying on the expertise of your senses, and your Realtor®, a home inspection will be one of the greatest tools in determining what those issues are and what it will take to repair them. It's best to walk through a home a few times with a fresh set of eyes so that you're able to spot the visible problems. You are always entitled to enlist the help of another professional, weather it be an electrician or your friend who's in construction. Your Realtor® will be able to advise on subjects like resale, current value, neighbourhood stats and data, or any future plans for the area.

6)  BE READY TO MAKE AN OFFER: Sometimes the right home comes onto the market and you need to be ready to make an offer to beat anyone else to the punch. Have your Realtor® send you the offer documents to review prior to writing the offer so that you can ask any questions and be prepared ahead of time. You wouldn't want to be scrambling to get through it and miss out on getting your offer in before another buyer scoops up your future home.

7)  REVIEW THE BUYERS GUIDE: The process isn't as complex as one might think.  Have a read through the Buyers Guide so that you know what to expect.  Your Realtor® will walk you though the process step-by-step and provide insight and knowledge along the way.  Remember to ask lots of questions (no question is a stupid question), and trust your gut.